2000 Lynn Woods 10 Mile Relay

Apologies: Sorry for the delay in getting the results out on Relay Night... BUT HERE THEY ARE !!!

Thanks: To Vic Gagnon, Ida Thornton, John Thornton, Anne Mullen, Ed Getson, Jim Noonan, Bob Levine, John Robertson, Roger Perham, Al Peterson, Liam Brady, Tim Donovan, Janice Donovan, Jim Shirley, the GBTC track lady whose name I forget - THEY made it happen.. Plain and simple no volunteers - no race !

Race Comments: WOW - another close finish... only 4 seconds at the finish...Great to see some HS Girls this year, but where were the Senior Ladies???...

Corrections: If you changed people running legs, let me know. I'll correct and republish...If you think we errored in your time, again let me know.

Awards: I'll bring the trophies and medals to the Handicap - Wed. Aug 30 at 6PM...Otherwise, call or e-mail and we'll work out delivery.

Rain: It happens...Despite the weather and the results problems,,,, I HAD A GREAT TIME... HOPE YOU DID AS WELL